Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Free really mean free?

ABSOLUTELY!!! Our goal is not only to get rid of whats bothering you, be for you to trust us 100%. So when we say we will give you a free inspection or free follow up after a service, we mean it.

Are your treatments safe?

While nothing is 100% safe, including drying your cloths, our pest management programs are designed to be the safest that there is. Our targeted approach turns the pest biology and habits against them, focusing our treatment where the pest are and going to be, nullifying  any need to spray everywhere.

Will I need to leave the house?

Depending on the service, such as mosquitoes, you will most likely need to leave your home for a certain period of time. However, for general pest control services, you shouldn't need to leave your home. Our approach differs from most other treatments that allows us to achieve a high level of control, without the need to spray everywhere for a problem that is not even there.

What guarantee do you offer?

We guarantee ALL of our work 100% till the job is done. If the problem comes back under our warranty, we will provide any service necessary FREE of charge.