Why be told what be told what termite protection program you need? Why not decide for yourself!

Do you like the idea of having options? Do you like the idea of choosing how to keep your home safe from thousands of dollars worth of damage termites can cause? At Delta Pest Solutions, we feel that our clients should have as many options as possible when determining and major decisions. Our comprehensive inspections follow a top to bottom approach to provide options that best fit your needs. Remember, whats best for your neighbor is not always what's best for you, especially termite control.



Termidor has given America the longest protection from termites over any other product in the industry. By utilizing non-repellant properties that termites are unable to detect, it blocks both GABA and Glutamate-gated chloride channels. This causes hyperexcitation of a termite's nerves and muscles. Termidor spreads throughout the colony by social interaction providing complete control of infestations, and is valued as a highly effective as a preventative and curative option.



Are you looking for a more eco-friendly way to be rid of unwanted termites?Altriset is the latest generation with the lowest toxicity level of all termiticides. Altriset's active ingredient “Chlorantaniliprole”, is reported as having no effect on mammals (humans, pets, cattle, etc.) or bees and other useful pollinators. Also, it is not systemic with plants, which means that it will not be absorbed by the plant and spread throughout its tissue. It readily binds with the receptors in the termite’s muscles inhibiting muscle contraction and results in paralysis of the jaws, stopping feeding. Like Termidor, Altriset is passed on through social interaction and its non-repellent nature insures that termites won’t know what hit them.

Advanced Termite System

Taking advantage of termite foraging behavior, The Advanced Termite System allows for fast termite detection and colony elimination with the lowest level of impact in regards to your home and the environment, making it the greenest option when it comes to termite control. Our system is inspected year round and allows for long term termite control without having to retreat after a certain period of time as opposed to traditional liquid termiticides.